Today you are going to literally get a million dollar lesson. Consider yourself privileged you even got to this page. I just wanted to let you know I paid dearly for my ongoing education by buying courses, made huge mistakes, many trial-n-errors, and actually lost money by being somewhat (at those certain times in my past) extremely greedy.

Today's Lesson we are going deep into mental thought processes and insticts.

Allow me to describe a scenerio for you, suppose you're walking through the mall going about your business and out of the door a salesperson steps out heading right towards you, stops you, gently grabs one of your arms, and invites you somewhat nudgingly but yet gracefully to come inside. Even though the merchandise may be appealing and somewhat of a bargain. Your immediate thoughts are this person's tacky approach- Kind of rude and pushy!
This salesmanly or saleswomanly rough approach, it just Turned you OFF!  You ain't going to buy anything you think....  `Have you been there? Have you experienced this? Its a big TurnOff for most people...this is a Big No No!

<> We will Call this method.... "Intrusive/ to Direct".

Now picture this method as you were walking through the same mall minding your business and of course we all Window Shop- always looking at stuff and always thinking to what is Appealing or not. We somehow get pulled into these stores... inside the store we experience the aroma, the music, the decorations of the store, the layout, and our body (all of our senses tell us from a scale from 1 least appealing to 10 most appealing) what we are experiencing...  Maybe initially it was the music sound or the loudness of other shoppers or a Kool Sign with 50%-70% SALE on it that got us through the entry door.

<> We will Call this method.... "Seeking".... or Appealing.

In the physical real world we deal with 5 senses. Its the normal process that we know. But when we get to the internet and computers we deal with 2 modes of sense, these are Sight (what we Read or Watch) and Hearing (what we hear on video). That's it.  Only two-three senses. You must Learn to be really effective in these 2-3 areas.

We all know what the word Intrusive means now.
Now let me ask you this?
What areas on the computer or internet is Intrusive to you? .... lets start with your regular email.

Its Spam! Everybody Hates Spam, (I'm not talking about the lunchmeat here goofball), its the unwanted advertisements or electronic junkmail.
What else is intrusive on the internet? ... those Pop up Ads... Well you have a Blocker on your computer. don't you? Well use it to block those ads.

Here is a Lesson for you, when you are dealing with new people don't be spamlike.
Its very INTRUSIVE! In other words, if you use the "Invite System" in GDI, call your person and say, "I'm sending you a Video its from GDI, please watch it and let me know what you think"... that's it!

Now the ball is in their court, either they watch it or not.
If they're interested, you'll get a call back and you'll hear the Golden Words,
"How Do I get started in this?"
This is what you want, you want people to respond favorably...

If they don't call, contact them a few days later again. Repeat the process one more time.
Keep a record book you'll be doing this with many.
~Think about how many times you saw the Video yourself... expect the same from them.

I know you want them to jump in and join right away. Just be patient with them.
They will Join up with you!

Another VERY EFFECTIVE METHOD; Writing out your own personal email message with a clickable link is also very good. Its not as Intrusive because people already know who you are and are more receptive to opening it and reading your message. You'll get favorably results using this method also.
Its non-intrusive...

Another EFFECTIVE METHOD; Hand out Business Cards or Brochures only when they have a Problem and are Seeking an answer to their problem. If they're content and have No problems (No Pain) then your card or brochure will be tossed away.

Anyway, here is my Favorite Subject area- "SEEKING"
When people are Seeking... Think... What's going on with them. They are actively Looking or Seeking.
Just the same way some of you were doing. You were Looking for an answer. Now you Discovered this process. You find this appealing because you know it works or else you wouldn't be on this page reading this information.

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